Extension Springs

We are a well established manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Extension Spring. These products are widely utilized in the manufacturing of garage door assemblies, automotive interiors, trampolines, carburetors, washing devices, toys, etc. The offered springs is designed with an initial tension which maintains the required force to wound spring coil together. Their load bearing capacity is maximum 20 tons and total length up to 100m. Further, our Extension Spring is provided with required number of coils with bar diameter of 12mm max. and outside diameter of 200mm max. Manufacturer and exporter of extension spring like industrial extension spring, heavy duty extension spring, extension compression spring, auto extension spring, extension coil spring, etc which are customized as per the specifications of our clients.


  • Excellent Pull Load Capability
  • Ideal Tensile Support
  • High-strength Structure
  • No Early Depreciation

Extension Spring

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