Compression Springs

Compression springs are automated devices that consist of helicoidally coils with a pitch between them. They have been designed to absorb certain forces and retain its original shape when the load is discharged. One of the most widely used docks is compression spring and they are economical as well. You can locate various sorts of compression springs that are designed to perform a specific function for specific applications, devices or mechanisms.

The firearm is one such mechanism where compression springs are used depending upon the sort of firearm. Compression springs are also used in devices or machines that make use of buttons for its operation. In such mechanisms, when force is being applied, the button compresses down and returns to its original shape after being discharged.

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  • Capacity Bar Dia.: Upto 12mm
  • Out Side Dia.: Upto 200 mm.
  • Total Length: Upto 1000 mm.
  • Total Coils: As required in closed condition without any gap.
  • Load Bearing Capacity: Upto 20 Tons. (per pc.)
  • Raw material: All suitable quality Spring Steel.

Compression springs are mechanical devices that are designed to absorb and store energy by being pushed together or compressed. They are made of a flexible wire that is coiled or twisted to create a spring that can compress or expand when a force is applied. Compression springs are commonly used in a variety of applications, including as part of mechanical devices such as clocks, automobiles, and other machines, and in devices that rely on the elasticity of the spring to provide a force, such as pens and mechanical pencils.

Compression springs are made by winding wire around a mandrel or form to create the desired shape and size. The wire is typically made of a material that is resistant to corrosion and has good elastic properties, such as steel or stainless steel. The number of coils and the thickness of the wire can be varied to create a spring with the desired properties, such as strength, stiffness, and durability. Compression springs can be made in a variety of shapes, including cylindrical, conical, and barrel-shaped, and can be used in a variety of applications, such as to support the weight of a load, to provide a force to move an object, or to absorb shock.

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